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VetNX provides anytime access to certified veterinarians from where it’s most convenient to you.

Download today and enjoy anywhere virtual consult to diagnose non-emergency medical issues over the phone.

We Understand

What Pets Need
Why VetNX?

Hong Kong's first true pet telehealth provider

VetNX delivers comprehensive online and on-demand animal healthcare services and software. In addition to benefiting pets and their owners, we also give our vets more time to do what they do best – care for your little friends.

Our mission & vision

To enhance your joy of owning a pet

VetNX enables you to directly access accurate advice and top quality healthcare from top quality qualified vets.

Determined to bringing cost-effective pet care within easy reach of every pet lover in Hong Kong, we continue to do all we can to ensure the early detection and prevention of diseases. Our ultimate aim is to ensure that you and your pets enjoy the longest and most fulfilling possible life together.

In delivering on this promise, we are doing everything possible to bring about a world where people fully understand how they can take timely steps to safeguard animals’ health. At the end of the day, we want you and your furry friends to spend as much quality time together as you possibly can.


APP Features

Easy Consultation Bookings

Easy-to-schedule online consultations with knowledgeable vets

Easy Consultation Bookings

Easy-to-schedule online consultations with knowledgeable vets

Pet’s Health Records

Anywhere access to your pet’s health records

Pet’s Health Records

Anywhere access to your pet’s health records


Informative Blog and up-to-the-minute updates


Handy nearest veterinary clinic locator


Top quality pet products for sale

Talk to one of our friendly vets at any time and from anywhere.

Save Time and Money!

There’s no need to miss work or have to struggle with your pet container on public transport. Pet Care has Never Been More Accessible!

Enjoy faster, easier access to your furry friend’s health records.

The High-level Care You Want for Your Pet

Our cloud-based platform guarantees better, faster care for both you and your pets. We’re not only way more convenient than visiting a traditional, bricks and mortar animal clinic, we’re also far more cost-effective when it comes to treating routine ailments.

Skip the Waiting Room

Speak to a veterinarian
Anytime, Anywhere

Save Time and Money

Cost of being away from work and transportation to and from per visit is reduced

Accessible Healthcare

Unlimited access to your pet’s health records

Great Vets Great Results

Certified veterinarians with average of 5 years of experience

Wonderful Vets, Worry-free Procedures.

Highly qualified and vastly experienced, our qualified vets will do their utmost to nurse your furry friends back to health.

At VetNX, we provide you and your pet with anytime, anywhere access to certified veterinarians from your home, office or anywhere it’s convenient to you!  Best of all, all you need to do to take advantage of our secure virtual video consult or over-the-phone diagnosis of non-emergency medical issues is to register! Easily accessible whenever and wherever you need us, we really do deliver the ultimate owner friendly pet care.


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