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Health Tips:Puppies Entering Their Adulthood

By Monday February 5th, 2018Blog

Unfortunately, your new puppy can’t stay small forever. In raising any new pet comes the inevitable period of change and growth from puppyhood into adulthood. Here are some proactive health tips on making that transition. 

Health Tips

  • Stay on top of your dog’s preventive care by allowing your veterinarian to regularly perform blood work and diagnostic tests, to catch and prevent health issues before they become a problem.
  • Vaccines aren’t just for puppies! Keep your dog vaccinated all through its life.
  • Your dog’s parasite control needs may also change as his routines start to evolve, so be sure to keep on top of any additional products your pet may need.
  • The right food for your growing pup is essential in keeping it healthy while transitioning into adulthood, so consult your veterinarian on the best diet for your particular pet’s individual needs.
  • Don’t overfeed your puppy or adult dog. Young adulthood is when many pets become overweight, so be sure to stick to the diet your veterinarian recommends – no more, no less. You should also make sure to address any nutritional concerns and ask if any dietary adjustments are necessary during your dog’s twice-per-year wellness exams.