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Pet Owner’s Complaints about Bad Behavior: Destructive behavior

By Tuesday January 16th, 2018Blog

Many damaging deeds can be caused by an underlying anxiety issue in dogs and cats, alike (e.g., separation anxiety, noise phobia). Much like barking, it’s important to find the trigger(s) and reduce stress as best as possible.

Destructive behavior

  • Keep your pet in a crate or small area of your home when you are unable to supervise it.
  • Replace an inappropriate object immediately with an appropriate toy.
  • Don’t discipline your pet after you find an area of destruction. Your pet won’t connect the discipline to the destructive behavior if time has lapsed.

Jumping up on people

Excitement is the usual cause of why your pet might jump up on someone. If you find yourself having to correct your pet more frequently in a new environment, or when guests visit your home, you’re not alone. Here are some basic ways to control your dog’s tendency to jump on people:

  1. Provide environmental enrichment (e.g., play or exercise with your pet prior to your visitor’s arrival).
  2. Use basic commands such as sit and stay when new people enter your home and allow contact to be initiated by your guest, but only when your pet is calm.
  3. Keep your pet confined in a crate or another room until your guest is seated, and then only initiate contact when your pet is calm.