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Understanding the Health Risks of Obesity

By Monday January 8th, 2018Blog

Overweight and obesity are occurring in epidemic proportions in our pets. According to Banfield’s Applied Reserch and Knowledge Team, in the past ten years, diagnoses have increased 158% in dogs and a 169% in cats. The conditions are linked to numerous other diseases, including arthritis, diabetes, and heart disease, so maintaining a healthy weight is about more than just keeping a slender waistline – it’s about living a healthier life!

Obesity is a difficult condition to treat and requires awareness and commitment from both you and your veterinarian. Causes to consider:

  1. Excess caloric intake
  2. Inappropriate feeding practices
  3. Inadequate feeding guidelines
  4. Free feeding (keeping the bowl full at all times)
  5. Excessive use of snacks, treats and human foods
  6. Reduced activity level
  7. Genetic predisposition
  8. Spay/neuter