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VetNX Wins the Focus Area Award of HKUST Entrepreneurship Competition 2017

By Saturday June 17th, 2017Blog

We are truly honoured to announce that VetNX has been selected to win the Focus Area Award in I.T. & Smart Tech of the Seventh Annual HKUST One Million Dollar Entrepreneurship Competition 2017. Twelve different awards were given out in this competition, with over one hundred applicants this year. The judges for the competition composed of experience entrepreneurs, investors, and academics, appointed by Entrepreneurship Centre. 

We would like to thank Professor Tony Chan, President of HKUST, for handing us this award. This competition not only promotes the entrepreneurship culture and explores the business prospects of the program, successfully creating a practical concept of innovation and technology, giving VetNX an affirmation in our online consultation platform for pet owners. We hope to bring convenience, efficiency, and reassurance to pet owners in the animal healthcare industry.

We would also like to thank all the VetNX users and the veterinarians in cooperation with us, with special thanks to Dr. Alex Li. Thank you for working with us and serving users through the VetNX platform, we will need your expertise and support in the future to provide even better service to pet owners.