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When should I have my puppy spayed/neutered?

By Monday April 23rd, 2018Blog

Most veterinarians recommend you have your female puppy spayed or male puppy neutered by six months of age. Having the procedure done sooner rather than later can benefit your new puppy in a number of ways.

Benefits of Spaying a Female Puppy

It’s particularly helpful to have the procedure done on a female puppy before her first heat cycle. Having your female puppy fixed can help prevent a lot of future health issues, including:

  • Unwanted pregnancy
  • Cancer of the reproductive system
  • Prevents an infected uterus
  • Reduces chance for breast cancer

Benefits of Neutering a Male Puppy
Neutering a male puppy will help prevent certain health issues form coming up later in life, including testicular and prostate cancer. Still, there are quite a few more behavioral issues that can be fixed by having your male puppy fixed, including:

  • The male Puppy will no longer be agitated by females
  • Dogs will roam less